About Us

At Koa Ceramics Co, we are constantly inspired by the world around us and love how ceramics works with all the different elements of nature - from fire, air, water and earth. We aspire to create beautiful and timeless pieces that will be loved and cherished in your homes for years to come. All our creations have been handcrafted with intention and care in a little studio in Sydney, Australia. Through our work, we hope to amplify messages of presence, self-empowerment and positivity.


The meaning behind 'Koa' 

'Koa' is a Hawaiian word meaning 'fearless', 'warrior' or 'brave one'. It also has roots in the Maori and Polynesian languages and translates to 'happiness'. To the human behind Koa, Katriona, it is a reminder that the life and everything we want has always been inside us, if only we are brave enough to seek it out. 


Our sustainability initiatives

Through our packaging and all that we do, sustainability is the forefront of all our business operations. We are dedicated to ensuring that we are a carbon neutral company, using only recyclable (or reused) packaging materials to deliver your item and offsetting carbon emissions. Moreover, when you purchase a product from Koa Ceramics Co, we plant a tree in partnership with One Tree Planted. We are so honoured to give back to the Earth and are so grateful for your support. To learn more about our sustainability initiatives please click here