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  • 'Luna' Ceramic Incense Burner & Holder
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Handmade Ceramic Incense Holders & Burners

Feeling a little off-balanced or tired? Burn some incense! We love burning some good ole incense to cleanse the energy of a space and to relax the mind. Not only does it purify the air, but it also smells great and the health benefits are numerous. Claiming anxiety, enhancing focus and promoting sleep?! Um yes, please! Pair your incense sticks with one of our thoughtfully crafted ceramic incense holders. Our neutral and minimalist toned incense burners make it the perfect addition to suit any space or aesthetic. 

Shop Australian made handmade incense holders

All incense burners from Koa Ceramics Co have been made by hand, meaning no two pieces will ever be the same. As a result, slight imperfections and marks may exist between each creation. Every ceramic incense holder is made from Australian clay and is fired twice in the creation process, ensuring that our incense burners are of the highest standards and quality. 

Match your Koa Ceramics Co clay incense holder with our range of handmade clay ring dishes or trinket dishes to bring that rustic handmade ceramic look to your space. 

Custom ceramics incense holders 

If you have a special idea for an incense burner that you would like to bring to life, we would love to work with you on it! Simply shoot us a message on our social channels or send an email over to and let’s chat!